Local Hero: Jennifer Randolph

Meet the executive director of Kinship Heals, where protecting women and children is part of protecting Mother Earth.

Right at Home

Local Eating is Good Eating

It was the summer of 1996, my first on Martha’s Vineyard as a year-rounder, and I was standing on the worn pine steps outside the kitchen door of a house in the woods of West Tisbury. I breathed in, and, all of a sudden, I was thrown back to 1970, the summer after my parents’ divorce. I was overwhelmed...

Climate Conversation with Bill McKibben

Climate luminary Bill McKibben hardly needs an introduction, but his new project does. Now 62 years old, having participated in numerous pivotal environmental campaigns...

Have You Seen the Little Piggies Eating All the Scraps?

Come most spring summer days, Jo Douglas will drive her black Toyota Tundra around Martha’s Vineyard, and stop at more than thirty restaurants to...

Sharing the Catch of the Day

At the top of the list of all the attractions that draw visitors to the Vineyard from around the world — up there with...

Building a More Responsible Island with South Mountain Company

The company’s philanthropic initiatives, commitment to the environment, equitable internal governance, and transparency have enabled them to be certified as a B Corp.

Local Stories

Field Note: Learn about Vineyard Biodiversity

To: Bluedot LivingFrom: The MV Atlas of Life (MVAL)Subject: Learn about Vineyard Biodiversity (or Help Study It!) The Martha’s Vineyard Atlas of Life (MVAL) project...

Field Note: Felix Neck’s Favorite Trails on Martha’s Vineyard

To: Bluedot Living From: The Staff at Mass Audubon/Felix Neck Subject: Here are a few of our favorite trails The Marsh Trail Jessa Elsasser, Felix Neck Property ManagerMy...

Green Housing, Affordable Housing

To: Bluedot LivingFrom: Island Housing TrustSubject: Green Housing, Affordable Housing The Island Housing Trust consistently uses green building practices and has received the highest green...

Recent Stories

Climate Change by The Numbers

Celebrating Earth Day

“But on April 22, 1970, after years of mounting concern and hard work, the first-ever Earth Day took place,...

Local Heroes

Local Hero: Rebecca Haag

Bluedot Living spoke with Rebecca Haag about her role at Island Grown Initiative, her passion for sustainability, her background in social justice, and how she and her team are approaching the food security and health of our Island right now, and in the years to come.

More Local Stories

What’s So Bad About … Corn?

For a few sweet weeks each summer, corn on the cob from your local farmstand is the perfect treat — just check out the crowds around the bins at Morning Glory Farm. But corn is also grown to feed our cars and our cattle, and make the corn syrup that sneaks into so many of our processed foods. Meaning … corn is good, corn is not-so good, corn is complicated.  

Clearing Vineyard Coasts: Time for Beach Cleanups

What’s the first thing a person from the Vineyard might highlight when talking to someone who’s never experienced the place? You’d be hard-pressed to find a more quintessential feature than the Island’s pristine beaches. Because beaches are such a central element...

Secrets of the Salt Marshes

Salt marshes don’t always inspire affection, but when they do, it can be intense. In 1902, the Massachusetts naturalist Dallas Lore Sharp dedicated an essay to salt marshes in The Atlantic, calling them “one of the most satisfying drinks of color...

Repair and Reuse: The Case for Fix It Clinics

In this era of convenience and instant gratification, it seems too easy to justify throwing something away. Maybe there’s an old sweatshirt with a tear in the sleeve, or a coffee maker that’s on the fritz. You attempt to dampen your...

Weather Report: Why Do the Seas Rise?

A certain amount of sea level rise is locked in. So what are we going to do about it?  The phrases “climate change” and “sea level rise” nearly go hand in hand, particularly when discussed in coastal communities like Martha’s Vineyard. Many of the cliché images of global warming often...

Room for Change

Room for Change: Your Stovetop

About seven years ago, my parents let go of their beloved 40-year-old restaurant gas range and invested in an induction stovetop. My mother was...

Cruising with Currier

A Sunset with Mustang Margaret

We’re always interested in going for a cruise with electric vehicle owners. Last spring I was talking with Tracy Thorpe, the programs coordinator at...

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