Local Heroes: Honoring Island Changemakers

These activists, conservationists, students, teachers, nonprofit leaders, and more, are moving us all in the direction of sustainability and reverence for our natural environment.


Oak Bluffs Receives Nearly $170,000 to Address Flooding Near Hospital

The roadways near the hospital and drawbridge are regularly inundated with storm surge, impeding access to the hospital and potentially endangering members of the public and emergency responders. 

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Local Hero: Rick Karney

Rick Karney, ‘The Spawnmeister,' and the MV Shellfish Group have championed Island aquaculture for nearly 50 years. The founder and director emeritus continues to play an active role in promoting shellfish aquaculture on the Vineyard.

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Does This Tree Have Rights?

The goal of those who practice animism, and support the rights of non-human natural entities, is to preserve the natural world of the planet, now in a downward spiral of climate change and degradation: increased floods and wildfires, extreme temperatures of heat and cold, more and worse storms, air pollution.


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