Jessica Mason Tackles Take-out Trash

A new pilot program urges you to take away, don't throw away. You may not realize this but, even with all of the current recycling initiatives in place, most plastic is still never recycled. According to Jessica Mason, founder of the pilot program Island Eats MV, a whopping 91% ends...

Right at Home

Planting for Pollinators on Martha’s Vineyard

When it comes to conscious landscaping on Martha's Vineyard, it's all about the birds and the bees. While the Island is fortunate to have an abundance of conservation land, these designated areas are not enough to support the unique flora and fauna that contribute to the charm and vitality of Martha’s Vineyard. It took me nearly a decade of gardening...

Sweet Dreams: Ginny Bee Honey Keeps it Local

This family operation is getting quite the buzz.  Brent Brown has found the perfect way to realize his dreams of farming the land. Rather than...

Making a Garden for Changing Climes

Create a low-effort, eco-aware, and gorgeous Vineyard garden. No one likes to be reminded of limits, and yet it is more and more critical to...

Kate Warner’s Day in the Sun

She was an early advocate for solar energy on Martha’s Vineyard, but it failed to catch on. Now that climate change is more pressing...

Farley Pedler Built a Small House, and Then He Built a Bigger One

A builder takes a passive progressive approach to building for his family and his Island. Farley Pedler, an Island builder who specializes in energy-efficient and...

Local Stories

Accounting for Carbon

How a little-known center in Woods Hole became a hub for climate research and policy. Looking at the stately Woodwell Climate Research Center, which sits...

What’s So Bad About … Genetic Modification?

From “Frankenfood” to eradicating disease, GMOs have been regarded as both peril and promise. But one thing’s for sure: They’re here to stay. When we...
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Recent Stories

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Climate Change by The Numbers

Local Heroes

Local Hero: Julie Pringle

On a typical day, Julie Pringle starts collecting water samples at sunrise. From the Edgartown Great Pond and Crackatuxet...

Whales In The Balance

A veteran of marine mammal conservation has a new book with a startling message: To save an entire species, we need more hands on deck.

Weather Report: Why Do the Seas Rise?

A certain amount of sea level rise is locked in. So what are we going to do about it?  The phrases “climate change” and “sea level rise” nearly go hand in hand, particularly when discussed in coastal communities like Martha’s Vineyard. Many of the cliché images of global warming often...

Room for Change

Room for Change: The Kitchen

Create a kitchen free of clutter — with just the right tools to make great meals.   For most, the kitchen is truly the heart of...

Cruising with Currier

Jed Katch and his 2016 Nissan Leaf 

For this month’s ‘Cruising with Currier,’ I went for a ride with Jed Katch of Chilmark. Katch came to the Island with his wife,...

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