Turning wood into food SIMPLE / SMART / SUSTAINABLE / STORIES The miracle of Shiitake mushrooms at Martha’s Vineyard Mycological Featuring Jed Katch and his 2016 nissan leaf SIMPLE / SMART / SUSTAINABLE / STORIES ROOM FOR CHANGE: THE KITCHEN Create a clutter-free, planet-friendly kitchen — with all the right tools to make great meals. SIMPLE / SMART / SUSTAINABLE / STORIES

Reliable information and advice for those who care about the Earth, climate issues, and sustainability.

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Community-focused change

Accounting for Carbon

How a little-known center in Woods Hole became a hub for climate research and policy. Looking at the stately Woodwell Climate Research Center, which sits on a hill off the...


Living Sustainably on Martha's Vineyard


A Letter from the Editors of Bluedot Living

Dear Readers, A few weeks ago, co-editor Jamie Kageleiry and I moderated a panel about climate journalism at the New England Newspaper and Press Association (NENPA) awards convention. Alongside us...

In a Word

In a Word: Soft Fascination

When Spencer Kelly was in grade five, his teacher became exasperated by what she called his “daydreaming.” While the other kids had turned to...

In a Word: Aquamation

On December 26, 2021, Desmond Tutu died, leaving a legacy of deep justice and faith. So it’s perhaps no surprise that he chose to...

In a Word: Radical Hope

In the summer of 2005, I sat across a table in a restaurant with my friend. We had just heard that Canada, where we...

Dear Dot ™

Dear Dot: Why Can’t I Compost Certain Foods?

Dear Dot, Why can’t you compost cheese, yogurt, or meat?  —Nina Maruca, via email Dear Nina, I am meticulous about clearing my plate. Even so, the occasional meat...

Dear Dot: How Can I Recycle Plastic Bags?

Dear Dot,We used to be able to take plastic bags to Stop and Shop . Is there any other option locally? Stop and Shop...

Dear Dot: Is It Time to Ditch Diamond Engagement Rings?

Dear Dot, My longtime partner and I are planning to get married. I don’t usually go for a lot of the conventional stuff but we...


A food model of Sustainability


Local and Sustainable Goods

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Reliable information and advice for those who care about the Earth, climate issues, and sustainability.

From news about climate issues to tips on building sustainable homes, wilding our backyards, or cutting back our household plastic use, Bluedot Living delivers enlightening and eco-conscious ways to reduce our impact on Martha's Vineyard and on Earth.

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