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Reliable information and advice for those who care about the Earth, climate issues, and sustainability.

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Community-focused change

Whales In The Balance

A veteran of marine mammal conservation has a new book with a startling message: To save an entire species, we need more hands on deck.


Living Sustainably on Martha's Vineyard


In a Word

In a Word: Aquamation

On December 26, 2021, Desmond Tutu died, leaving a legacy of deep justice and faith. So it’s perhaps no surprise that he chose to...

In a Word: Radical Hope

In the summer of 2005, I sat across a table in a restaurant with my friend. We had just heard that Canada, where we...

In a Word: Solastalgia

Solastalgia: Psychological distress caused by climate change.  While the word “solastalgia” might never have rolled off your tongue, you’ve likely felt its meaning deep in...

Dear Dot ℠

Dear Dot: Is some organic cotton a scam?

Dear Dot,I recently read an article exposing some of the organic cotton market as fraudulent. I want to do the right thing but I...

Dear Dot: Compost or Recycle Paper and Cardboard?

Dear Dot, In my town, we have curbside paper/cardboard recycling, but we also have municipal composting that accepts paper/cardboard. Is it better to recycle...

Dear Dot: Eco-friendly Tick Treatments?

Dear Dot, Is there something I can put on my lawn that doesn’t harm wildlife, including my pets or grandchildren, but that deters ticks? —Rose, Vineyard...


A food model of Sustainability


Local and Sustainable Goods

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Reliable information and advice for those who care about the Earth, climate issues, and sustainability.

From news about climate issues to tips on building sustainable homes, wilding our backyards, or cutting back our household plastic use, Bluedot Living delivers enlightening and eco-conscious ways to reduce our impact on Martha's Vineyard and on Earth.

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