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Reliable information and advice for those who care about the Earth, climate issues, and sustainability.

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In Search of Greatness: Martha’s Vineyard’s Great Ponds

Islanders are hard at work conserving Martha’s Vineyard’s Great Ponds — what exactly is a Great Pond? And what's at stake? Reporter Sam Moore dives into these brackish waters to explore the history of Great Ponds conservation.


Living Sustainably on Martha's Vineyard


A Letter from the Editors of Bluedot Living

For a relative newcomer to Martha’s Vineyard it’s the ocean that dazzles. But spend any time here and you’ll realize that, to longtime Islanders, the real jewels are the...

In a Word

In a Word: Micromobility

For lots of us, talk of electric vehicles typically defaults to cars or SUVs. And yet, though there is undoubtedly an EV revolution at...

In a Word: Soft Fascination

When Spencer Kelly was in grade five, his teacher became exasperated by what she called his “daydreaming.” While the other kids had turned to...

In a Word: Aquamation

On December 26, 2021, Desmond Tutu died, leaving a legacy of deep justice and faith. So it’s perhaps no surprise that he chose to...

Dear Dot ™

Dear Dot: How Do I Dispose of Cooking Oils?

Dear Dot,  I recently read an article about “fatbergs” in our sewers and I’m afraid I might have been part of the problem. I’m wondering...

Dear Dot: I Need a Deck Discussion

Dot discusses decks from her deck.

Dear Dot: How Do I Find Sustainable Coffee?

Dear Dot,Coffee, how do I choose? It says locally brewed but does that mean it’s better for the environment? What do all those labels...


A food model of Sustainability


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Reliable information and advice for those who care about the Earth, climate issues, and sustainability.

From news about climate issues to tips on building sustainable homes, wilding our backyards, or cutting back our household plastic use, Bluedot Living delivers enlightening and eco-conscious ways to reduce our impact on Martha's Vineyard and on Earth.

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