Sustainable Food

Sweet Dreams: Ginny Bee Honey Keeps it Local

This family operation is getting quite the buzz.  Brent Brown has found the perfect way to realize his dreams of farming the land. Rather than raising crops or animals, Brown tends much smaller livestock — honeybees.  “I've always dreamt of having...

Eat Local

Jessica Mason Tackles Take-out Trash

A new pilot program urges you to take away, don't throw away. You may not realize...

In Exchange: An Island Barter Keeps Things Local

On Chappy, a balancing of the scales, a sharing of means, a neighborly act of camaraderie.

Can Seaweed Save the World?

The Martino Brothers are taking a gamble that there’s an appetite for the sugar kelp...

Microgreens: Grow Them on Your Sunny Windowsill

Tiny in size, big in taste. And good for the planet, to boot.  Sarah Vail showed...

Farms & Food Systems

Planting for Birds with Regenerative Agriculture

To: Bluedot Living From: Mary Sage Napolitano, IGI Subject: Supporting native plants, insects, and wildlife at Island Grown Farm While contemporary regenerative...
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Shiitake Mushrooms: Turning Wood into Food

Miracles at Martha’s Vineyard Mycological The New York Times recently named mushrooms “Ingredient of the Year” for 2022 and an essential food for the plant-based movement. The woodsy “umami” or savory flavor of mushrooms make them a natural and satisfying substitute...

RECIPE: Mushroom and Vegetable Stir-Fry

This classic stir fry becomes a healthy weeknight dinner treat with protein-packed and medicinal MVM mushrooms. You can also add sautéed tofu or tempeh, if desired, or substitute other seasonal veggies like napa cabbage or baby bok choy.

RECIPE: Ramen Noodle Soup with Shiitakes

This is a favorite soup, good anytime of the year, and comes together very quickly. The ramen, or whatever pasta you choose, keeps best when cooked on the side and drizzled with sesame oil to keep strands from sticking.

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