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Dear Dot

Dear Dot: How Can I Avoid Plastic Food Packaging?

Dear Dot, Has anyone noticed the slow creep of plastic packaged produce in the vegetable...

Dear Dot: How Do I Dispose of Cooking Oils?

Dear Dot,  I recently read an article about “fatbergs” in our sewers and I’m afraid...

Dear Dot: I Need a Deck Discussion

Dot discusses decks from her deck.

Room for Change

Room for Change: Rugs

I have never liked wall-to-wall carpeting. But a night on the carpet of the Delhi airport sealed the deal. I landed in Delhi around 2 a.m., after customs had closed. My fellow passengers and I were ushered to a large, chairless, carpeted area guarded by several police officers who told us we could “sleep” on the floor...

More Advice

Which Plants Should I Plant on Martha’s Vineyard?

In her story Making a Garden for Changing Climes, gardener Abigail Higgins outlines the need for a sustainable, resilient property. Here are some resources for getting started: Best Plants for...

Better Laundry, Better Planet

Do Your Laundry with Dropps, and other save-the-planet ideas.  How much laundry do you do? I do too much. While I don’t wash my jeans very often and my sweaters...


The Ultimate Simple, Smart, Sustainable Handbook to Martha’s Vineyard

Recycling Composting Volunteering Writing Your Representative Second-Hand Stores Food Donations Community Resources RECYCLING All 6 towns have the same rules for what can and can’t be recycled. WHAT YOU CAN RECYCLE Rules: Empty, clean,...

Favorite Things


My Own Personal Energy Czar

I call my husband The Energy Czar, as you might remember. I do it with...

Lawn and Disorder: Battle of the Blades

Can a couple with competing yard ideals achieve a green new deal? My husband, like so...

Tell Me This: Why Would Anyone Litter?

We explore the psychology of those who befoul our beaches and roadways. My husband Chris spent...

Kilo-what? What’s the unit for measuring eco-guilt?

We just got our Capelight Company energy efficiency report. The graphic shows three lines. The...
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