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Mass Audubon at Felix Neck shares an update on 2023 and their plans for 2024.

To: Bluedot Living
From: Mass Audubon
Subject: A Play for Play and Outdoor Adventures

What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2023? 

To make our camps more affordable, Mass Audubon implemented a sliding scale fee program to accommodate families of all income brackets. Support for families increased four-fold with this change in fee structure, allowing us to teach more children about nature and how to take care of the environment. Mass Audubon also cared for birds and their habitats, and staff are proud of our work to protect beach-nesting birds and their habitats.

What initiatives are you planning for 2024?

Mass Audubon believes in making our Sanctuaries welcoming to everyone. Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary has made great strides to accommodate different needs including a Freedom Chair Trail Wheelchair, Access-Able Golf Cart Tours, cane chair, noise-canceling headphones, and internships for people with disabilities. This year we will build an accessible wildlife-viewing area for owl and osprey observations, and add an accessible electric vehicle charging station. Staff is excited about our second annual Nature Drag Show for PRIDE.

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What would you put on a wish list for donors?

We need to replace an ailing utility vehicle to continue to care for the Sanctuary’s trails and features. Our Preschool and Camp educators dream of enhancing the preschool and camp nature play areas with water features, a book nook, easels, magnifying station, and other devices for discovery. The kids require outdoor gear for all-weather adventures, adding a cost (if the items are not donated), and, of course, tuition support for Islander families so that their children can participate in all that Felix Neck has to offer.  

For more information, visit Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary.

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