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Hi there, readers,

Time sure does fly. In two years, we’ve run hundreds of stories in our Martha’s Vineyard magazines and on our websites — stories about Islanders like Liz Durkee, Noli Taylor, Ollie Becker, and Farley Pedler who are working hard to make better farms, better ponds, better homes, and better climate protection. We never seem to run out of inspiring people and their interesting work to celebrate in these pages. 

We’re grateful to all the people who’ve taken time to talk with us, ride around in their cars with us, advertise with us, and send us leads for stories. 

(Thank you!)

I asked my boss, Bluedot founder Victoria Riskin, to sum up our two years: “I remember that first issue, and our story on the Plastic-Free MV kids — their actions are what inspired me to start Bluedot Living in the first place. They inspire me still! We knew when we launched the magazine that people were probably tired of hearing only about the problems associated with climate change. And we knew, just from living on the Island, that plenty of people like the kids were working on solutions, and doing incredible things in our community. I am so happy that we’ve found so much of that here.”

In this issue, we focused on people who make things here on Martha’s Vineyard, from slow fashion (Stina Sayre) to giant seahorses (Tony Holand) to solar sailboats (the crew at Gannon and Benjamin). And we celebrate the problem-solvers: Jessica Mason, who’s remaking the takeout experience; Jenny DeVivo, who rescues food; and Brendan O’Neill, who’s been conserving our public spaces for close to forty years now. 

Time does fly. 

Enjoy, and happy summer.  

Oh, and some fun news: Our beloved advice columnist, Dot, now has her own daily newsletter, in which she dispenses daily Climate Quick Tips and answers your most pressing questions. Sign up here: bit.ly/BDL-newsletters

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Jamie Kageleiry
Jamie Kageleiry
Jamie Kageleiry, vice president of publishing operations at Bluedot Living, LLC, is the former associate publisher of the MVTimes Company (and an editor at Edible Vineyard and Arts & Ideas Magazines), and the former editor in chief of Martha's Vineyard Magazine. She has written on subjects ranging from baseball to brain science; car-free travel, and tree climbing for various regional and national publications, including Yankee Magazine and the Boston Globe.
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