Donaroma’s Teams Up With the Birds and the Wind

Each fall, the crew at Donaroma’s collects bluestem grass seeds from meadows across the Island, with permission from and in partnership with the MV Land Bank and other conservation organizations. They are planted and overwintered across Donaroma's farms and these grass seeds grow into native grass that is then used to create meadows when needed across the Island. 

Donaroma's also has hundreds of pots on their farms that are filled with soil and allowed to grow whatever the wind, birds, and rain bring into said pots. Yes, you understood that correctly! Basically, Donaroma's fills pots with soil and for weeks and months, allows Mother Nature to plant whatever she wants in these pots. A team effort between birds, wind, and rain, the results are pots that grow filled with native grasses, flowers, shrubs, and other Island plants. So when someone would like to replenish an Island meadow needs to be replenished with native plants, the native plants are immediately available. Hard to get more local and sustainable than that. 


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