A Letter from the Editor of the Martha’s Vineyard Green Guide

Dear Readers,

When we launched Bluedot Living three years ago this month, we sought to tell stories of Islanders trying to live more sustainably each day — in the ways they cooked, planted, cleaned, shopped, and renovated. We’ve loved meeting these people and sharing their stories with you about how they figured out how to do this. 

But we also found ourselves wishing there were a guide that would just lay out the myriad local resources (libraries, secondhand stores, environmental nonprofits) that offer tools and goods, tell us what plants to plant, how to identify and protect local species, what wild local fish are in season and how to prepare them. 

We created the Green Guide to do just that. Hang on to it for a year, then we’ll release an updated one. The Green Guide tells you where to find seed libraries, what you can or can’t recycle, what to do with your food waste, how to get rid of things when Chicken Alley won’t take them, and what our local environmental organizations are doing to preserve our biodiversity, and strengthen and enrich our communities. 

We appreciate the support of all our advertisers, and the sponsorship of Vineyard Solar and Energy Storage Systems. 

Thank you. 

– Jamie Kageleiry

If you have ideas on what we can add to this guide in the future, please write us below.

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    Jamie Kageleiry
    Jamie Kageleiry
    Jamie Kageleiry, vice president of publishing operations at Bluedot Living, LLC, is the former associate publisher of the MVTimes Company (and an editor at Edible Vineyard and Arts & Ideas Magazines), and the former editor in chief of Martha's Vineyard Magazine. She has written on subjects ranging from baseball to brain science; car-free travel, and tree climbing for various regional and national publications, including Yankee Magazine and the Boston Globe.
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