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For a relative newcomer to Martha’s Vineyard it’s the ocean that dazzles. But spend any time here and you’ll realize that, to longtime Islanders, the real jewels are the ponds. They often come with multisyllabic names that speak of history. And, as writer Sam Moore makes clear in his beautiful story on page 38 of this issue, they hold entire worlds or, as he puts it about one of the ponds: “Its coves reach like fingers northward, their pinched ends holding still water. Home to osprey, otter, eelgrass, artist. Site of Island rituals: the opening of the cut, the catching of the bass, the long walk to the beach.” 

A huge thank-you to the Island artists whose work accompanies and animates Sam’s story (and our cover!). Gratitude to Martha’s Vineyard Bank for sponsoring this extended section, “The Art of the Great Ponds.” Their exhibit of Island Great Pond artists, curated by Monina von Opel (the force behind the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital’s Permanent Art Collection), opens August 12 at the bank’s Chilmark branch, and runs to September 1. There will be an opening (with wine and cheese) on August 12 at 5:30 pm, with Ollie Becker speaking and showing clips from his great ponds documentary film.

Shoutout to all the advertisers who continue to support Bluedot Living’s determination to deliver relevant and interesting stories. 

Thank you as well to our young summer interns. Cleo Carney and Julia Cooper have infected all of us with their enthusiasm for the work in front of us. 

And finally you, our readers, who share your own stories with us, ask us probing questions, and enjoy Bluedot in its many forms — print magazine, newsletter, our Martha’s Vineyard site (where you are now), and our new national site (bluedotliving.com). If you enjoy the recipes, the “Buy Better” marketplace, the advice, and the dispatches from all over, sign up for our national newsletter.

In the meantime … dive in. –Leslie Garrett and Jamie Kageleiry

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