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A Letter from the Editor of Bluedot Living

Dear Readers, “The scent of wild blueberries, sweet and mingled with a humusy musk from the dirt...

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Dear Dot, I recently read that grass-fed beef is not better than grain-fed for greenhouse gas emissions...

Noah Mayrand: He’s Farming Oysters to Feed an Island

I step out onto the beach, and the familiar southwest winds running down the length of...
Jamie Kageleiry
Jamie Kageleiry
Jamie Kageleiry, vice president of publishing operations at Bluedot Living, LLC, is the former associate publisher of the MVTimes Company (and an editor at Edible Vineyard and Arts & Ideas Magazines), and the former editor in chief of Martha's Vineyard Magazine. She has written on subjects ranging from baseball to brain science; car-free travel, and tree climbing for various regional and national publications, including Yankee Magazine and the Boston Globe.
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