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Slide This one's for the birds... What.On.Earth Photo: Sam Moore Slide – Excerpt from ‘Mind’ from The Dream of The Unified Field by Martha’s Vineyard poet Jorie Graham The slow overture of rain,
Each drop breaking
Without breaking into
The next, describes
The unrelenting, syncopated
Mind. Not unlike
The hummingbirds
Imagining their wings
To be their heart, and swallows
Believing the horizon
To be a line they lift
And drop.
Slide Source: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology ~50 Percent of the world’s bird species that are songbirds Slide Source: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology 2/3 Portion of songbird species in which the females sing Slide Source: eos 35 Percent decrease in volume of sparrows’ song during the early pandemic when noise pollution was down Slide Source: Mental Floss 4 Weight in grams of average hummingbird Slide Source: Mental Floss 4 Weight in grams of a nickel Slide Source: Canadian Wildlife Federation 13,600 Weight in grams of Trumpeter swan, North America’s
largest bird
Slide Source: Up to 50,000 Number of acorns that Acorn woodpeckers store individually in holes in trees, fence posts, utility poles, and buildings Slide Source: The CoRnell Lab of Ornithology 70+ Number of North American species that are attracted to sunflower seeds Slide Source: Audubon 96 Percentage of North American bird species that feed insects to their young Slide Source: Audubon ~550 Number of species of butterflies supported in North America by native oaks Slide Source: Audubon 9,000 Number of caterpillars a clutch of Carolina chickadee chicks eat in the 16 days between hatching and fledging Slide Source: Audubon 8x Increased sightings of Wood Thrushes, Eastern Towhees, Veeries, and Scarlet Tanagers (all species of conservation concern) in yards with native plantings as compared with yards landscaped with typical alien ornamentals Slide Source: The New York Times ~10 Number of songs the
typical sparrow sings
Slide Source: The New York Times ~200 Number of songs marsh wrens and mockingbirds sing Slide Source: The New York Times ~2,000 Number of songs brown thrashers sing Slide Source: Nature Canada 65 miles Distance north that seven North American warbler species have shifted in past quarter century Slide Source: Nature Canada 0 miles Distance south that 35 North American warblers have shifted Slide Source: Audubon 150 Number of bird species protected from extinction by stabilizing carbon emissions and holding warming to 1.5 degrees C Slide Source: Our World in Data 150 Number of bird species that have gone extinct in past five centuries

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