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Dear Bluedot Living readers,

We were at work on a story about invasive species on the Vineyard when we heard rumor of a bounty on the heads of green crabs. We reached out to Emma Green-Beach, executive director and shellfish biologist with the MV Shellfish Group. Yep, she said, confirming the rumor. What’s more, she said, she’ll try to get us some crabs so we can cook ‘em up and test out a delicious way of dealing with these interlopers.
This type of partnership is how Bluedot sees our relationship to you, our readers. We love to introduce you to the fascinating people at work on the Island — protecting and preserving what we have, mitigating the climate changes we’re already seeing, and preparing all of us for shifts to come. And we are thrilled to have you along with us into our second year of Bluedot Living.
What we hear back from many of you is this question: “What can we do?” We share your passion to take action, which is why we’ve added a new feature to our stories, outlining clear and often easy steps you can take right now in your home, your yard, your community. Look for “What you can do.”
Bluedot is also thrilled to be participating in this year’s Climate Week, May 8 – 14, presented by the MV Commission and offering workshops, seminars, and activities for all ages to engage in meaningful climate action. From an EV vehicle display to Bluedot Living’s own roundtables addressing local issues, you’ll find something that inspires you to get involved. Stay tuned: We’ll be updating the info on our website and in our newsletters. Not getting the bi-weekly Sunday Bluedot newsletter? Sign up here.
– Leslie and Jamie

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