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Two upcoming events feature experts and conversations to help us make Martha’s Vineyard more resilient to climate change, starting in our own backyards:

September 18, 3 – 6 p.m.: Bluedot Living Roundtable

Will feature Island climate activists and experts discussing solutions for climate issues right here, at home. 

Living with Climate Change

• Coastal retreat is a hot topic. Should we move our homes back from the shore? Then what?

• How can you affordably build, adapt, and inhabit your home more sustainably?  

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Sponsored by Bluedot Living Magazine. 

Featherstone Center for the Arts, Oak Bluffs

November 1– 6: Climate Week :

“A Climate to Thrive: Heading to the Year 2040 on MV.” 

Featuring games, art, emergency preparedness workshops, public health displays, an electric vehicle caravan, a visioning session, a family shellfish day, student activities, family climate day at the Grange, a climate awareness night at the Ritz, and more — all focused on how the Island aims to achieve its ambitious climate goals in two decades. Sponsored by the Martha’s Vineyard Commission. Participants include Bluedot Living Magazine, Cape Light Compact, Vineyard Power, M.V. Hospital, Island Grown Initiative, and many more. Island businesses, associations, and organizations are encouraged to coordinate an activity or event. To get involved, contact Liz Durkee at [email protected].

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In March, the Marine Fisheries Advisory Commission (MFAC) approved a ban on harvesting horseshoe crabs during the spring spawning season.

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If a bird hits your window, gently place it inside an unwaxed paper bag or cardboard box firmly secured, recommends the Fatal Light Awareness Program.

Room for Change: The Workout

Stretch fabric addict, Mollie Doyle, examines the ecological impact of her clothing choices and explores more eco-friendly options.

A Letter from the Editor of Bluedot Living

It's Bluedot's third birthday! We appreciate all your support and ideas and contributions over the last three years. 
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